Brian Chernick's previous work experience, explained

Los Angeles-based freelance reporter, News Beat Radio host seeking research assistant job for Vox's new daily podcast.

Updated by Brian Chernick | @chernickov | chernickov@me.com  Nov 17, 2017.

 Brian Chernick in 2014 | William Wang via  www.wiwafoto.com  _________________________________________________________________________________

Brian Chernick in 2014 | William Wang via www.wiwafoto.com

Up-and-coming hyperlocal news reporter and Los Angeles pirate radio show host, Brian Chernick, is currently seeking the coveted research assistant job on the American news and opinion website Vox for their new daily podcast.

"I think we would be a perfect fit," Chernick said in an interview. "Vox does some phenomenal work and to be a part of this incredibly ambitious venture by a news organization dedicated to providing context to the news would be a dream."

Over the past three years Chernick has been channeling his own insatiable appetite for information into working for Crescenta Valley Weekly and Los Feliz Ledger newspapers covering local politics and city council.

Along with local news, Chernick has written profiles on the people behind Los Angeles' renaissance, providing an insider's guide to the city with LA Downtowner and experimenting with narrative styles through his show News Beat on KCHUNG Radio.

"As a reader and avid podcast listener I am far too familiar with being inundated with endless sources of information," Chernick said. "And as a human I am also familiar with the value of time. This has influenced me as a writer to be concise while providing adequate context so that news actually means something to the reader or listener and is entertaining."

Like most children, Brian Chernick was born. Being an only child, he grew up with the internet serving as his older sibling that, according to sources, would throw him down Wikipedia rabbit holes.

As the internet flourished in the early '00s, databases of information became increasingly more accessible — traffic statistics, housing costs, Google search trends — that provided Chernick with a greater number of tools to investigate, learn and keep his finger on the pulse.

At the end of the day, Chernick said he is grateful for the staff's time and the opportunity to apply and encourages them to check out his writing samples.